Natal Mars Square Midheaven ~ The Dominator

Mars Square Midheaven Planet-Aspects

Natal Mars Square Midheaven ~ The Dominator

Mars Aspects

Mars represents our ambition, energy, action and desire. It rules our basic instincts of aggression, anger and survival. There is often no contemplation before action when it comes to this primal energy. All our sexual desires come under Mars. This is the raw physical energy as opposed to the creative energy of the sun. With good Mars placement we are assertive, directed and forthright with bad placement we an be impulsive,rash and aggressive. In your chart, Mars shows your basic animal nature, how you express anger and what gets you angry and more importantly what makes you act.

Mars Square Midheaven

You will tend to work against yourself until you really understand who you are and what you are doing. Your immediate desires, especially if they are compulsive and urgent, may actually prevent you from getting where you want to go in the long run. Try not to be shortsighted, and do not assume that people who warn you of this are simply trying to hold you back. You may be rather suspicious of such people and assume that they are just trying to dominate you. This is because you sometimes try to dominate others for no particular reason. Also, you sometimes pick a fight just because you are suspicious of someone. You try to seem confident and self-assured; and probably you will be when you are older; but now your aggressiveness comes from a lack of self-assurance; from a fear that others will see your inner weakness and take advantage of you. Actually, most people don't want to bother; the aggressiveness you see in others is really a reflection of your own. Your relationships with male authority figures may be quite difficult, because you see them as challenging rather than trying to help you. It is difficult for you to acknowledge that someone has a right to be above you. This could be a serious source of trouble with employers. Basically, the challenge of this aspect is to learn about yourself and your limitations, so that you can have self-confidence. Then you will no longer see need to challenge others for no reason, and you won't fear challenges from them.

Transit Mars Square Natal Midheaven

You may act a little too aggressive and you may overdo it when it comes to achieving what your what. You may end up exhausted or creating needless conflicts with other people. Power struggles are quite likely and you have to be ware of acting rash or impulsive as it cause you issues with people you work with. If you can control your frustration and impulse you can accomplish a great deal or work that otherwise may be difficult.




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