Natal Mercury Conjunct Mars ~ Quick Tongue

Mercury Conjunct Mars Planet-Aspects

Natal Mercury Conjunct Mars ~ Quick Tongue

Mercury Aspects

Mercury represents our rational mind and is the planet of everyday expression and communication. It signifies our curiosity and what areas of life we find mentally appealing and stimulating. It analyzes and organises and defines the way we interact with others. Mercury in your chart reveals how you get your point across and in what style.

Mercury Conjunct Mars

The classical astrology meaning of a conjunction is that the powers involved merge, so that their characters mix and form a new character, it depends on the planets characteristics as to how this can affect the individual and is one of the most difficult aspects to understand. In the case of Mercury Conjunct Mars the two planets are joined in a conjunction, they do astrologically become sort of a new planet, with its own distinct traits. The closer the conjunction is, the more this transformation is true. With Mercury Conjunct Mars, your ambitions, desires and ego drives fused with your intellect and mind. This can give an enthusiastic, incisive and energetic mind. You are practical and compulsive. You think quickly and draw your inferences from empirical observation. However, it can make you a little self centered or inconsiderate towards other people especially when it comes to any strict opinions or perspectives you may have. At times, you can be aggressive or too direct in your self-expression. You can also take things very personally, and your defensiveness can make it challenging for others to engage in healthy dialogue with you. Your mind is on fire so you often express yourself with anger. You have a natural talent for occupations involving change and physical movement. You have very imaginative creative ideas and you bring them into reality if you can manage to have the patience to stay on target as the Martian energy can make you more impulsive or lack the commitment necessary to see things through. You may have a very strong ego especially if the planets are in a fire element and you have to watch out for being pretentious, self-righteous or lacking the ability to accept you have made a mistake or are incorrect in your assumptions. You believe you have all the answers and are always right, The fact is nobody is perfect and the more humble you can be the better. This is the biggest problem with this aspect and the more you can compromise with others, be more sympathetic and understanding, the more you will be able to be successful in your endeavors. You are very witty, and often sarcastic. You are quick to offer an opinion and express your thoughts, often without much sensitivity. With your active mind, creative ideas, and aggressive disposition, you can succeed in may areas such as education,law, acting or literature, basically any career where you can be comfortable and free to express yourself. Any occupation that can give you opportunity to show your talent. It is better to work on your own if you can because other people may not have the mental capacity or energy to keep up with you. Take more time to process your experiences, especially those where you may have felt let down or rejected by others. You should try to learn from the past as to how you can express yourself better to others and admit that you can improve your ability to communicate with more grace and diplomacy to enrich your relationships with others. You mind is healthy and high paced, watch out for overextending your body too far it may not be able to take the constant pressure, give yourself time to relax and process everything that is going on.

Transit Mercury Conjunct Natal Mars

This is a useful time and you should have a lot of mental energy. You can accomplish a great deal. You may create ego conflicts as you may feel too confident and almost self-righteous. Be careful and use tact.




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