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Depth Of Mind
Mercury Conjunct Saturn

Mercury Aspects

Mercury represents our rational mind and is the planet of everyday expression and communication. It signifies our curiosity and what areas of life we find mentally appealing and stimulating. It analyzes and organises and defines the way we interact with others. Mercury in your chart reveals how you get your point across and in what style.

Mercury Conjunct Saturn

The classical astrology meaning of a conjunction is that the powers involved merge, so that their characters mix and form a new character, it depends on the planets characteristics as to how this can affect the individual and is one of the most difficult aspects to understand. In the case of Mercury Conjunct Saturn, the two planets are joined in a conjunction, they do astrologically become sort of a new planet, with its own distinct traits. The closer the conjunction is, the more this transformation is true. With Mercury Conjunct Saturn, your mind will be more serious and responsible, cautious and reserved. You have a depth of mind and are able to learn, study and discuss many topics as you are able to store information in your mind quite well. You tend to avoid superficial trivial topics and like to investigate and question things as much as you can. You generally need empirical evidence to overcome your native skepticism. Your work habits are careful, tenacious, methodical, and industrious. You are probably quite organized, hardworking, and proficient at dealing with rules, regulations, fine points, and details. Writers with this aspect are typically masters of grammar and style. There is frequently great ambition, self-control, and a willingness to labor hard and long to achieve your goals.
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