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Fear of Rejection
Mercury Opposition Ascendant

Mercury Aspects

Mercury represents our rational mind and is the planet of everyday expression and communication. It signifies our curiosity and what areas of life we find mentally appealing and stimulating. It analyzes and organises and defines the way we interact with others. Mercury in your chart reveals how you get your point across and in what style.

Mercury Opposition Ascendant

The opposition between Mercury and your Ascendant indicates that you are a good listener. You will listen carefully to the opinions of others before expressing your own. Often, however, the opinions you express will not be your own, but the reflection of those around you. Your mind is sharper and more creative when you have a partner you can bounce your thoughts and ideas off of. In your personal relationships, your thoughts are reflected by your partner and serves as a mirror giving you a different perspective. You tend to pick up ideas and thoughts from others so much that you may not be taken seriously as someone has thoughts of your own. You want to be liked and therefore normally change your mind and opinions depending on whose company you are with. You are rather independent and will not allow anyone to restrict your freedom, but you love to talk things out before arriving at a decision. Conversations with you are always stimulating and lively. A career where communication is important such as Sales, Management and Marketing could be quite successful for you as your talent for conversation will be benefit you greatly.
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