• The Busybody

Moon Conjunct Mercury

All Moon-Mercury planetary contacts are concerned with the relationship and dynamics of the Moon's instinctual, feeling, and emotional tendencies, with the analytical, lower mind, and communicative abilities reflected by Mercury's natal chart position. This connection can imply the type of inner relationship between the more unconscious personality functions and those of the separative conscious mind and ego.
The close conjunction of Moon and Mercury suggests a relatively open channel between your unconscious mind and your rational mind; exactly how this relationship works may, however, be variable, with both the strengths and weaknesses of each planet displayed over time. Rationality assumes higher priority, and possible conflict may revolve around times when lunar messages contradict Mercury messages. Repressing either Moon or Mercury principles is always possible.
You can be friendly and sociable, with others relating to you easily, and often trusting you as a confidante, as they recognize your sympathetic understanding. The Mercury dimension appears as intellectual and imaginative abilities, as well as a positive attitude to life's experiences. You believe that lessons can be usefully learned from whatever happens and that 'experience' is truly the best teacher. You can benefit from formal study, as you are able to absorb information relatively easily, but the ideal type of study is one which also involves a positive emotional response, so that the Moon is also included.
The main challenge is to unite both Moon and Mercury qualities consistently so co-operation results, and not conflict. You need to distinguish between opposing inner messages, identifying those associated with the Moon - habitual security, instinctual and emotional patterns - and those which the Mercury-influenced logical mind presents. These messages can be either complementary or conflicting and to evaluate which requires your self-understanding. Real success only comes when the partnership is harmonious.