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Moon Opposition Mars

Moon Aspects

The moon represents our emotional nature, our security and deepest needs. It containts our basic habits and unconscious reactions related to our past karma and upbringing. It is associated with the mother and with feminine energy in general, it is both our inner child and mother. It is responsive, receptive, reflective and instinctual. In our personal chart it shows how we respond to our environment emotionally.

Moon Opposition Mars

You often feel emotionally uncomfortable, and others may find you hard to understand. Inner tensions and unresolved issues are likely to be projected onto social relationships, this creates both difficult experiences and the settings for crises and turning points.
Your inner pressures are released within relationships, through arguments, dissension, provocation, and antagonism. You tend to turn even trivial issues into energy-filled confrontations and clashes.
This will obviously affect career prospects and domestic life as these rebellious feelings will be stimulated by anyone imposing their will on you through authority, orders, or criticism. Anyone crossing this line and irritating your feelings is liable to be confronted by an extremely obstinate and stubborn character. Co-workers will soon lose patience with an emotionally erratic colleague, who can suddenly become aggressive when facing criticism or personal comment. And friends will learn to withdraw from contact.
You need to resolve the difficulty of getting instincts and emotions to co-operate with an active and assertive Martian energy. Sometimes you may favor one of the planets, and when this is Mars, you are liable to act impulsively, making sudden decisions which could be irrational, foolish, and lacking in forethought. However, such actions sometimes allow you to break free from restrictive situations.
Expressing the lunar energy may encourage cautious self-protection, remaining with the status quo, and being afraid to move beyond familiar behavior patterns. The challenge is to unite both energies, honoring each as equally valid and necessary for a well-balanced personality.
Part of this aggressive and assertive nature may be rooted in your relationship with your mother. Childhood feelings may have been denied through a lack of emotional contact, or through having to submit to an oppressive home regime of duty and behavior.
In adult life, you refuse to submit to this again, yet unconsciously repeat the pattern by attempting to impose your will on others. Hoping to gain superiority, you may be too assertive in your desire to become a leader and not a follower. This often results in a distorted self-image, both to you and to others, as you fall into the trap of becoming number one and behaving in ways which are cold, arrogant, and overly assertive.
You hate others resisting your will and when this happens, you respond with a personal attack. Sometimes such an antagonistic stance may succeed, but eventually its costs far exceed those of other more moderate approaches. Yet your personality can appear attractive to many and there is certainly a validity that can intrigue quite a few, even though it is often a distorted expression of the planetary energies.
Choosing companions, both friends and lovers, is one area where weaknesses may appear, as you are often attracted to people who turn out to be unsuitable characters with equally volatile emotional difficulties. Intimate relationships may be limited to physical expression, or entered for material reasons, as you may repress the deeper emotional and subtler dimensions of interpersonal contact. Sustaining relationships is difficult as time passes and once initial attractions fade, relationships collapse. Satiating superficial feelings is easier than dealing with your deeper needs, and these you prefer to avoid.
You are drawn towards exciting experiences which lead into dubious areas of life where the excitement you crave may prove to not be at all beneficial. Much depends on your choice of fellow travelers, as your personality tendencies can dissipate and deplete energies if efforts are not consistently made to reunify conflicting traits. In a similar way, you may fail to fulfill promises made to others due to inner changeability and lack of commitment, and responsible behavior may not be one of your strongest assets.
Routines and partnerships may fail to satisfy. Reactions against fixed lifestyle patterns may make it difficult for you to relax and then create psychosomatic health problems like stomach tensions and digestion issues. Repressing genuine feelings is not wise. You may need to acknowledge your lunar qualities more openly and find space in your life to allow its proper expression.
Lessons are needed to discover how compromise is important for developing better relations. You may need to find new forms of self-assertion, ones which recognize that others should be given equal respect. This can help to moderate your overbearing tendencies.
Through greater insight, you can gain more clarity in your relationships. And as self-centered behaviors diminish, more positive attitudes will prove highly transforming to your perspective on the world and the realism with which you see it. Accepting the need to live harmoniously with others can readjust your sense of proportion and help you realize that you can contribute to the well-being of all, instead of merely indulging in alienated antagonism.

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