Moon Square Jupiter ~ Planet Aspects

Moon Square Jupiter ~ Planet Aspects

"I am capable of embracing responsibility and finding greater meaning and purpose in my life."

Developing latent talents
Combining feelings and expansion
Finding rational balance in decisions
Embracing hard work and effort

Moon Aspects

The moon represents our emotional nature, our security and deepest needs. It containts our basic habits and unconscious reactions related to our past karma and upbringing. It is associated with the mother and with feminine energy in general, it is both our inner child and mother. It is responsive, receptive, reflective and instinctual. In our personal chart it shows how we respond to our environment emotionally.

Moon Square Jupiter

The square between the Moon and Jupiter indicates possible difficulty in uniting your sensitive feelings and emotions with your impulse to expand and manifest potential. The two sets of inner messages either conflict or fail to combine, reducing purpose and motivation. For example, you may possess creative ability yet fail to demonstrate this tangibly due to not making sufficient effort to develop latent talents. Reflect on what inner narratives might be holding you back from fully expressing your creativity.

You may tend to resist hard work and can display a lazy, apathetic attitude at times, especially if you have little interest in the work to be done. There could be a belief that life should be easy, with few worries, allowing you to be self-indulgent. This attitude may have grown from caregivers who overindulged you or made you feel special, perhaps encouraging a belief that the world would take care of you. Consider how this belief influences your current approach to responsibilities and challenges.

You react to the world through powerful emotions that condition your perceptions and evaluations of experiences. Preferring to follow instincts and emotional messages, you may be reluctant to listen to your intellect. Adopting such an approach may not always work to your advantage; over time, you may realize that relying on emotional responses alone can prejudice actions, choices, and decisions. This often leads you in unsuitable directions that might have been avoided with a more rational approach. How might you balance your emotional insights with intellectual reasoning?

As emotions can wax and wane, consistency may be lacking in your attitudes and relationships. Limitations may be self-created if you listen only to your feelings. While they can provide a good guide at times, their reactions are not always suited to every choice. More time spent in careful thought and consideration could be useful for your future. Deliberate planning and a more realistic attitude, both with people and in dealing with the world, may help you achieve greater stability. How do you ensure that your decisions are well-rounded and thought through?

Sometimes, you may project overly optimistic emotions into relationships, feeling that this is 'the greatest love of all time.' Or genuine generosity may leave you financially bankrupt, perhaps through extravagance or lending to the wrong people. Be extremely careful not to overestimate business prospects. You may benefit from receiving expert financial advice, although even then discrimination is needed to avoid choosing the wrong type of advisor. Reflect on how you can bring more discernment into your financial and relational decisions.

Intimate and social relationships may be erratic at times, as you can fluctuate between extroverted moods and introspection, depending on the relative strengths of either Jupiter or Moon. With an independent spirit, you may often feel you do not need much social contact, and so friendships may become characterized by infrequent contact, indifference, and fickleness at times. These fluctuating tendencies can be changed if you choose to do so. What steps can you take to create more consistent and meaningful connections?

The approach needed is one of self-determination and concentrated application, once you decide on a suitable direction that offers potential for greater meaning and purpose. In your early life, you may not have been particularly ambitious, preferring freedom, acting with little responsibility, and moving in and out of situations and relationships as it pleased you. This could have been a phase of wandering and exploration, lacking any distinct aim. This phase may continue with varying emphasis until you face the need for responsibility in life, perhaps encountered through settling into commitments and the raising of a family. How do you envision integrating freedom with responsibility in your life?

Having to 'shape up' may shock you into several realizations. You may make greater efforts to make life stimulating, preventing it from becoming staid and restrictive, and realize that planning and organization can make routines flow more smoothly, with less conflict and fewer painful experiences. Social awareness may deepen as you become less self-preoccupied. Any tendencies toward extravagant fantasies are modified as you recognize the limitations of real life. When reality intrudes, illusions should dissipate; if they persist, then reality is being ignored, and evasiveness will exact its own price later. How can you ground your dreams in reality while maintaining your visionary spirit?

As maturity deepens, you may move in new social directions, reflecting your growing awareness and sensitivity, and releasing previously latent talents. Social concern and activity may replace your earlier desire for emotional freedom; and you may work to benefit those who are socially deprived. If you come to this direction through spiritual or political paths, you may need awareness of any imbalanced attitudes that may persist. Your emotional power could be transferred into zealous proselytizing; you may perhaps become obsessive about your newly chosen path and lose sight of realism and perspective due to overenthusiasm. Learn how to moderate any such tendency and allow others the freedom to find their own paths. How can you foster a balanced and inclusive approach in your pursuits?

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