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Moon Trine Saturn

Moon Aspects

The moon represents our emotional nature, our security and deepest needs. It containts our basic habits and unconscious reactions related to our past karma and upbringing. It is associated with the mother and with feminine energy in general, it is both our inner child and mother. It is responsive, receptive, reflective and instinctual. In our personal chart it shows how we respond to our environment emotionally.

Moon Trine Saturn

Potentially, these two disparate planetary energies can be reconciled; and you will probably feel a more positive and optimistic attitude than is common with the other Moon-Saturn aspects. Your personality is relatively stable, and, in developing a suitable lifestyle, you will demonstrate resourceful and practical skills.
You are reliable, and persevere to fulfill your duties and responsibilities, whether domestic or family, or through career, social, and civic involvements. Your outlook may be cautious and conservative, respecting social rules and traditions, preferring to live by self-conformity to 'civilized behavior'.
You may view social experimentation and radical ideas to change cultural establishments with unease and suspicious concern, preferring the familiar and trusted ways. However, you also do recognize the renewing virtue of change, and will support change if you believe it will be beneficial; yet change for change's sake you will view with distaste. Establishing firm life foundations is seen as important. This motivation may have come from valuing childhood stability and permanence, where you felt safe within a secure home and enjoyed the comforting presence of parents.
You realize that 'successful building' depends on right foundations. Following this 'pattern' will increase the likelihood of success in any endeavors, whether in business, career, marriage, or family life. You may benefit from inheritance, perhaps in business or through some type of institutional involvement. You apply shrewd, pragmatic common sense to your affairs, preferring either self-employment or positions of authority and responsibility, where opportunities to express potential are more available.
You have creative abilities, although these may be directed along traditional channels, into business or career. The spheres of law, medicine, engineering, politics, management, and education may especially attract. You tend to be a good worker, believing that to gain benefits you need to wholeheartedly commit your efforts to tasks. You are rarely emotionally effusive; and you may seem austere and privately withdrawn. You prefer to remain in control and be reasonably stable; and yet feelings can be displayed honestly and in a straightforward manner, ensuring that others know what you think and feel about things. Emotional manipulation and distorted relationships are anathema to you; and you dislike anyone acting in such a way.
Friendships are founded on mutual compatibility, trust, and faith in genuine care and support for each other, although each has to be an independent personality and secure in his or her self-esteem; you are not interested in dependent personalities whose emotional vacillations and confusion may agitate the emotional unease that can be hidden within you. You are cautious in making emotional decisions, taking time to evaluate your feelings and instincts, knowing that they offer valid messages, and yet also recognizing that you may not listen to them enough.
Once certain, you commit yourself, especially in a marriage or partnership context; and you will expect similar clarity and commitment from your partner. Maturity and emotional stability are necessary in a partner, and you dislike emotional changeability; if you find the right partner, much of your creativity will flow into the relationship, so that it develops and progresses for mutual benefit.

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