• Rebel At Heart

Uranus Square Ascendant

"I embrace my uniqueness, fearlessly expressing my opinions and viewpoints, knowing that it is my individuality that brings inspiration and positive change to the world."

Uranus Aspects

Uranus represents our intuitive abilities that spurs invention. It is associated with progressiveness, objectivity, ingenuity and revolution. It is forever looking ahead and shuns tradition and instead celebrates originality and change. In your chart the position of Uranus and the planets it aspects will indicate what areas of your life need to be redefined as well as challenged. If badly aspected it could indicate instability or denial of responsibility

Uranus Square Ascendant

With Uranus Square your Natal Ascendant, you may experience friction in your relationships, as you struggle to express your unique opinions and viewpoints. This can lead others to perceive you as unconventional. Your restless and erratic temperament may have roots in childhood experiences that made you fear dependency or closeness, impacting your personal and professional life. Insisting on complete freedom from duty and responsibility can create conflicts in relationships, and you often play devil's advocate without respecting others' beliefs. Your individuality drives you to seek excitement and despise routine, making a regular job with strict schedules unappealing, unless you have favorable aspects to Uranus, particularly Saturn. Money, wealth, and career hold little interest for you as you prioritize carving your own path. Unleashing your abundant creativity is crucial, but it's important to learn compromise and avoid letting your rebellious attitude hinder personal success. While working with others may not be ideal, it opens opportunities for utilizing your talents and creativity to achieve personal goals. You may feel drawn to social work, activism, or mentoring young individuals to help them succeed and nurture their own creativity.Question for reflection: How can you embrace your unique perspective while finding a balance between independence and collaboration with others?