Mercury in 3rd House ~ Planets in Houses

Mercury in 3rd House ~ Planets in Houses


Mercury in 3rd House

With Mercury in the Third House your cognitive and communicative skills will largely be applied to gaining superior intellectual ability through education, travel and philosophical debate—three activities which you see as indistinguishable from each other.
Education is travel of the mind, travel has taught you much, seeing other cultures fuels your philosophizing and philosophical debate is always an education.
An original thinker with much mental agility, you excel in speaking, writing and communicating generally. This is a strong placing for Mercury and if mental power is directed towards defined objectives then much success can be attained in any chosen direction.
The problem lies, however, in is choosing a direction.
Specialization is not really your thing.
You strive to be a polymath, mastering many domains of knowledge and making connections between them that nobody has previously seen. But up until the day you become an accomplished polymath, you will be a Jack of all Trades, Master of None.
But don’t give up hope, with worlds of information never more accessible than they are today, and everybody incredibly confused about what it all means, it’s a good time to be a generalist.
It’ll just be necessary to improve your follow-through.
Having an idea means nothing if it isn’t brought to reality.

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