Venus in 2nd House ~ Planets in Houses

Venus in 2nd House ~ Planets in Houses


Venus in 2nd House

With Venus in the Second House the areas of life where you are most likely to express your social, romantic and artistic qualities is through a search for wealth, personal possessions and social status. You are likely to seek out a romantic partner who is wealthy and capable of supplying the material comforts that you desire.
You love to appreciate the beauty of possessions and enjoy researching all the details before making your purchase. You are especially fond of possessions that give both aesthetic pleasure and material security. If something ticks both those boxes, you can’t help but buy it. Sometimes this spendthrift attitude gets you into difficulties that end up taking a lot of time and effort to resolve.
You have a talent for business and would get particular satisfaction if you can direct it into music or the arts. Although many people face difficulties when they attempt it, there is a good chance you could make money from your artistic hobby as you have the right combination of financial acumen and aesthetic sensitivity.
Alternatively, you could use your skills in financial matters for investing, which you would likely find to be both intriguing and enjoyable. It would be a great way to combine your practical nature with your materialist urges.

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