• Fulfilling Relationship

Mars Trine Venus

Mars Aspects

Mars shows what a woman is attracted to in a man. Being with a man who is strong in her Mars element, or who makes close sextiles with her Mars, makes the relationship much easier, and increases sexual desire and compatibility. For a man, his Mars is part of his masculine nature, so it is best when his partner also relates well with this element.

Mars Trine Venus

Your romantic relationship feels natural, affectionate, and a source of satisfaction and fulfillment. There is nothing to inhibit your romantic inclinations. You are sexually attracted, well matched in creativity, passion, and find it easy to express yourself. You appreciate the way you feel around him/her. When the first persons Mars is trine the second persons Venus, they truly enjoys your interactions, you make him/her feel bolder, confident, and desirable. The two of you blend very well together.

Useful Mars Trine Venus Crystals