Psyche Sesquiquadrate Moon

"I embrace the depths of my being, guiding others through their personal journeys, with honesty, consciousness, and the power to heal together."

Understanding natural cycles
Guiding others through experiences
Cultivating conscious communication
Exploring hidden motivations

Psyche Sesquiquadrate Moon

When Psyche and the Moon, two aspects of the divine feminine, interact with each other this can create depth in someone. With these two archetypes connected, you are a person who innately understands receptivity, being able to feel through experiences, as well as understanding natural cycles of human life. You may find that you can actually guide others through their personal full moons and new moons. This demands honesty with yourself and others, as the moon can sometimes indicate where we go unconscious, which is where the shadow of Psyche comes out, which can look like jealousy or fixation.

This is an aspect to handle with care when in a pairing. The Psyche person should be careful of how they approach the moon person with what they are perceiving, while the moon person should work to stay conscious for this to be workable.

There may be a very alluring or attractive element, though misunderstandings can arise. The Moon person can sometimes act unconsciously and the Psyche person may misperceive the Moon’s person’s motives. With communication and the desire to understand, a lot can be possible and you can heal together.


This may go unnoticed in a professional relationship unless it is very close and creative. In a friendship, this can sometimes pave the way for misunderstandings or jealousy. Mind the motivation behind your actions and this can be a beautiful exchange.