• Encouraging Responsibility

Saturn Trine Midheaven

Saturn Aspects

Saturn aspects in synastry are notoriously difficult to handle. Saturn represents depression, restriction, fear of rejection, distancing, as well as commitment. Saturn aspects are certainly binding, but come with many problems. Here are some descriptions of how hard aspects (i.e. the conjunction, square and opposition) from one person's Saturn to another's Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars manifest in synastry.

Saturn Trine Midheaven

This is a highly favorable combination for professional and business cooperation. The first person will evoke the second person in a purposeful,practical and responsible attitude toward achieving better career status. The second person will provide a good base for the first person to effect their power and status and career. You will acquire stability and security in your relationship allowing each other to further your ambitions.

Useful Saturn Trine Midheaven Crystals