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Mars in 7th House

Mars in 7th House

Dynamic, action-oriented partnerships are characteristic of this combination. Much depends on how well mares is aspected and overall maturity of you both. This individuals are in danger of behaving too aggressively and impulsively toward each other thus arousing hostility. The Mars person can activate the 7th House person to greater activity in self-expression, whether in partnership or competition. The 7th House person can help the Mars person to be more diplomatic in pursuit of his personal desires. This combination can indicate sexual attraction. However, this is no guarantee that the relationship will endure, unless other factors can provide the loyalty, harmony and stability. In a marital relationship, mutual consideration and a democratic attitude are necessary. If mars is badly aspected, this combination can result in divorce and / or lawsuits between each other and in extreme cases you can become open enemies and it could result in violence.
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