• Healing Your Relationships

Transit Ceres in 7th House

Transit Ceres in 7th House

in seventh house, Ceres’s nurturing function is expressed within realm of close interpersonal relationships. In romantic partnerships, the non-negotiable need for a solid emotional foundation is strongest with this placement.

Ceres transiting your seventh house brings the opportunity to nurture your relationships. If you are partnered, use this time to strengthen your shared emotional bond by discovering each other’s preferred method of giving and receiving nurturance.

If a relationship is beyond repair, you are encouraged to take responsibility for yourself and heal your interpersonal patterns. One way to take charge of this healing journey is through individual talk therapy.

If you are in a position to nurture someone close to you at this time, Ceres asks you to do so in a way that is sustainable and healthy for you.

The relationship with your parent(s) sets up your psychological foundation for future relational dynamics. For this reason, it is worthwhile to examine your experiences with regard to how you relate to other people. This includes defense mechanisms, projection and communication patterns.

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