• Diving into Rebirth

Transit Ceres in 8th House

Transit Ceres in 8th House

This transit builds on the previous time Ceres spent in your seventh house by now adding more depth to the healing potential. After having worked on relationship dynamics for some time, Ceres in your eighth house pushes for psychological and spiritual healing.

You may have the opportunity to experience sexual healing with a trusted intimate partner.

The eighth house represents deep emotional intimacy, and for Ceres to feel nurtured, intense bonding with others is necessary. Anything that operates on the surface level, whether it be something like a friendship or a job, will likely be rejected as not worthwhile.

Ceres can offer enhanced experiences of psychological death and rebirth. The most intimate relationships serve as healing portals to gain fresh awareness and be reborn into a new level of consciousness.

This can be a time when you become more aware of your mortality, as Ceres deals with issues of death and grief. This internal experience can push you to explore your spiritual or religious beliefs related to what you believe to be the true journey of your soul.


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