Transit Juno in 2nd House

"I am capable of redefining what security means to me, finding inner stability and aligning my relationships with my true values."

Working on your self-worth
Feeling more sensual
Being Thankful
Giving more to others

Transit Juno in 2nd House

The house placement of transit Juno reflects the energies of the house that you are needing to explore in order to embody more of into your relationships. With Juno transiting through your second house of financial wealth, values, and material possessions, you are being called to delve into the realm of material security.

This transit may prompt you to re-evaluate your values and what security truly means for you. As you navigate through this period, you may experience moments of instability and uncertainty in your life. The longing to find a partner who can provide stability becomes a significant driving force.

However, it is important to remember that settling for someone who does not fully appreciate and value you and your needs is not the answer. Use this time to reflect on what truly brings you a sense of security and abundance, whether it be material possessions or deeper emotional connections.

Consider pondering: What are the underlying values and beliefs that contribute to your understanding of security and stability? How can you cultivate a sense of inner security, independent of external factors? What steps can you take to align your relationships with your true values?