Transit Lilith in 11th House

"I am embracing my changing identity and seeking out new relationships that align with my newfound sense of freedom and authenticity."

Making new friends
Cultivating more connections
Outgrowing old structures
Letting go of toxic relations

Transit Lilith in 11th House

During the transit of Lilith in your 11th House, you will embark on a journey of reinventing your social life. You will seek freedom within your current friendships, groups, or networks, desiring independence and connections that align with your evolving identity.

This transformation may manifest in various ways. You may explore your sexuality, leading to the transformation of platonic relationships into more intimate connections or involvement in clubs that explore sexual boundaries. Simultaneously, you may distance yourself from old relationships that feel outdated or restricted.

Alternatively, you might become preoccupied with ambitious goals, dismissing socialization as a distraction. However, be cautious not to underestimate the challenges of achieving those aims alone.

To navigate this transit effectively, focus on creating the future you envision. Rather than breaking ties, consider how you can renovate and transform existing relationships.

Reflect on: How can you balance your desire for freedom and independence with the need for meaningful connections in your social life?

Black Moon Lilith represents the fierce and primal embodiment of divine feminine power. It is the part of ourselves that resists being tamed, fights for its rights, and embraces its desires.

Some individuals deny or repress these urges due to shame or stigma, while others indulge or misuse them through selfishness or destructiveness. Integrating the energies of Black Moon Lilith requires expressing these aspects of our personalities freely, mindfully, and purposefully.