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High Ideals
Transit Neptune in 5th House

Transit Neptune in 5th House

Your expectations and ideals during this period will be extremely heightened. In your relationships this will be true also be more focused upon attaining a deeper and more spiritual union as opposed to superficial and sexual attraction. Problems will occur when you idealize someone too much and avoid seeing the reality of the situation. You may be completely overwhelmed by these fated feelings that they may seem godlike or a guru almost. This Neptunian illusion should be avoided and not taken seriously as it unlikely that anyone can really live up to those expectations over the longer term. This may take on the opposite form where you are considered a savior to someone else and you will be spending all your energy attempting to reform them which will most likely be futile. Risky ventures such as gambling, or investment could be a problem during this time as you may be more in believing that you can succeed but again this could be a dangerous illusion. If you have artistic ability your imagination will be improved dramatic and you will be able to create and come up with bigger and brighter ideas.
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