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Ego Dissolution
Transit Neptune in 9th House

Transit Neptune in 9th House

The next several years will stimulate your interests in spiritual truth and higher consciousness. You may end up confused as the effects of this time are at a very high and abstract level that may be very difficult to comprehend. You may feel a blur between the boundaries of yourself and other people as well as blurring the distinction between thoughts and concepts which can be very discouraging and disorientating. You will want to adapt to new and more complex ideas, but you will have trouble understanding what is better or worse as everything is an ideal that may seem too stretched from reality. It is a good time to let go of your need to know and control and to have faith in the divine. You will then start to understand your role in the universe better. Your ego tendencies will only cause you more strife and avoid playing any ego games with others. If you try to maintain closer to your inner spiritual core during this period, you may come out with amazing insight and great vision.
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4 December 2015
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