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Transit Saturn in 10th House

Transit Saturn in 10th House

During this period, you will feel the consequences of your actions and deeds you have been making in the past two decades. If you have prepared and directed, you will accordingly you should reap huge benefits during this time. You may receive a great deal more responsibility than usual and may involve you taking a leadership position at your work. In your personal life you will gain a clearer idea of who you are and at this time you have a great opportunity to make and good impression to the world and society in general. It may be a difficult time if you have some planets in the tenth house that are badly aspected and you should be wary that if you have received a position of power due to manipulation or other underhanded tactics this time may be thwarted with negativity and possibilities of being removed from your position. Be careful of spending too much time on your external affairs, if your personal life is rocky or unstable then you may have issues there that need to be dealt with or will cause you to not get the recognition you strive for so professionally.
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