Transit Venus in 11th House ~ Transit in Houses

Transit Venus in 11th House ~ Transit in Houses


Transit Venus in 11th House

It is a great time for enjoying yourself in groups. As Venus rules fun and amusement in general, you will be more friendly and empathetic towards most people. Throwing a party or going out for a good time could be perfect activities for this time, and they will bring out the best of your energy.
This energy will also spread to your business colleagues and exciting new collaborations could ensue. With your ego energies being low, you will find yourself able to deal with almost anybody without getting caught up in petty conflicts. You will feel more smooth and more adaptable to those around you, and because of that, teamwork will be a lot easier.
In the midst of all this flexibility for others, it is important to not lose track of who you are. In general, however, those going through this transit feel secure in themselves and in their identity. You will most likely know who you are and how to bring that across to others.
Your love life will also feel more relaxed in general, but it is a good idea to not to make any serious decisions within your relationship during this time. Better wait until you have a more objective viewpoint.

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