Natal Jupiter Conjunct Neptune ~ The Painter of dreams

Jupiter Conjunct Neptune Planet-Aspects

Natal Jupiter Conjunct Neptune ~ The Painter of dreams

Jupiter Aspects

Jupiter represents our expansive qualities and our abilities to improve ourselves. It is a planet of plenty and seeks insight through knowledge. It is the planet of possibility. A well aspected Jupiter is normally associated with good luck and in more negative associations with blind optimism, excess and overindulgence. In your chart Jupiter reveals how you express your sense of giving and tolerance and how you go about improving your life.

Jupiter Conjunct Neptune

This conjunction occurs approximately every thirteen years, and tends to create characteristics that are often similar to the Pisces temperament, where both the positive and the negative qualities of both planets are present and highly active. Tendencies towards excess, idealism, creativity and naivety will be evident. The Jupiter impulse of expansion may encourage you to reach beyond your actual capabilities. The sphere of relationships is likely to be a source of many lessons for you, and to reflect back several of your own tendencies towards those less realistic qualities of Jupiter and Neptune that are present in an unintegrated personality. Yet this ideal of relationships will still persist, often despite many disappointing experiences over the years. It is probably wiser to be more careful in your more personal and intimate relationships, because unless you are aware of what is occurring, your love life could be painful. Many relationships flounder today due to mutual self-ignorance, where inner projections of illusions and the anima-animus patterns overlay the real nature of the participants, until time dissolves them and each partner wakes up to realise that they are living with a stranger. When disappointment strikes you, there is a tendency to retreat into a private fantasy world. This can be positively used as a self-healing technique, but you must avoid any temptation to use this purely as and escape, for if you do so you risk losing contact with reality.

Transit Jupiter Conjunct Natal Neptune

You will approach life which a much greater sense of compassion. Your primary concern now will be to help less fortunate individuals. You will also be more interested in spiritual matters and mystical subjects. Your ego drives will be lessened and this is a good thing during this time as it allows you to realize why your inner self maybe saying. You may feel like living in dream world which can be quite delusional. Avoid taking excessive risks as it may end up being disastrous as such is not a good time for investments or gambling. Avoid your selfish concerns and act for the greater good.




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