• Strong-willed Persona

Lilith Square Sun

Lilith Square Sun

The place of this aspect in your chart indicates friction between a deep desire to be true to yourself about what you feel concerning your needs, sexual instincts, and the desire to be appreciated by others. It is important to feel free and develop a healthy ego. The combination of Sun's positivity and Lilith's darkness strikes a classic blend of power play and dominance.

You need to learn that you can not have everything in your life as you want. You have to abide by societal standards and laws.  Accepting your aggressive nature and understanding your needs without any fear would help to exert your energies positively. You also won't feel forced to go to extremes to ease yourself.

Sun square Lilith brings strong-willed and aggressive individuals ready to speak about vices prevailing in the society and becoming a reason for people's distress at large. The square aspect creates tension that compels action, and Lilith strives for attaining harmony while simmering with raw rage.

Together these two can do wonders and surpass every hurdle. So this aspect creates innovative activists and charming agitators possessing high standards and profound respect for everyone around. Your toughness sometimes becomes a hindrance to your popularity because others might perceive you as rude. But you are equally tough to yourself as you seem for others.

The energy of the Sun steers you to aim for the moon as the sky is the limit for you. Your most vital asset is the refined intuition that motivates you to take a leap of faith and conquer the fears of rejection and criticism.

Key themes of this aspect are to tame your sexual nature and desire to get appreciation, conforming to societal standards and asserting your sexual fantasies and individualistic desires to get comfortable with your inner self.


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