Natal Moon Square Venus ~ The Overreactor

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Moon Square Venus Planet-Aspects

Natal Moon Square Venus ~ The Overreactor

Moon Aspects

The moon represents our emotional nature, our security and deepest needs. It containts our basic habits and unconscious reactions related to our past karma and upbringing. It is associated with the mother and with feminine energy in general, it is both our inner child and mother. It is responsive, receptive, reflective and instinctual. In our personal chart it shows how we respond to our environment emotionally.

Moon Square Venus

This indicates probably inner stress and tensions related to your social and intimate relationships; your emotions will be the battleground. These emotions will feel extremely powerful; and your fear of losing control over them may result in repressive behavior which tends to avoid relationships that awaken deeper emotional responses. Yet at the same time, you need this emotional involvement and those intense feelings. With your emotions and feelings being polarized, you often prefer to retreat from commitment, rejecting the personal obligations that may be required from relationship. These behavior patterns can be seen in a starker light at times when commitment is required in relationships. Because you refuse to acknowledge the depth of your feelings, deep-rooted fears begin to rise. These can include fear of losing freedom, fear of another's power over your emotions, and fear of experiencing love's transformative fires. Once someone begins to impose his or her needs, demands, and will on you, his / her expectations of your predictable behaviour often awakens a rebellious attitude within you. Your insecurity and fears result in contrary behavior that can create relationship conflict just when real progress could be made. Your reactionary drive for independence and your tendency to reject signs of possessive behaviour or demands for your exclusive loyalty may shatter any potentially restrictive relationship. While there may be valid grounds for rejecting such tendencies, your reaction mainly reflects inner fears and unresolved personal issues, and tends to be negative, resulting in heartbreak and disillusionment for yourself and others, and enforcing an increasingly bitter and cynical view of the nature of intimate affairs. Other behaviour patterns associated with this square include self-indulgence and sensuality. You may become involved with indiscriminate affairs and unsuitable partners as a consequence of lacking self-understanding, coupled with a deep need for relationships. Often, attempts at breaking free of threatening restrictions only propel you into other, equally unsatisfying relationships. If you adopt a more passive response to your relationship stresses - instead of taking the active and dominating role - you may experience others taking advantage of your initial trust, manipulating your emotions and needs, and using you as a support and foil for their own emotional tensions and confusions. Sometimes emotions blind you to the real feelings of a partner, until a situation occurs in which, to your surprise, you realize that their feelings are not as powerful as yours. This tendency toward illusions also spills over into your social relationships, where you often misinterpret the honesty and sincerity of others. You can lack understanding of their motivations, so that judgments are seriously affected. Yet this also springs from your lack of self-knowledge; getting to know yourself better will help you to understand others too, and this will enable you to avoid unsuitable relationships. By analyzing the types of people that attract you and the resulting types of relationship, you can expose your hidden needs and behavior patterns, and become aware of those unconscious traits which shape your choices. At some stages in your life, you may need to withdraw a little to gain these perspectives, especially when you are trapped in a repetitive whirl of failed relationships. Your needs are still urgent and pressing; but transforming attitudes through self-understanding may be crucially necessary. Certain patterns active in you are probably derived from childhood experiences and conditioning. The relationship with your parents may have been unsatisfactory, especially in shaping emotional responses, which is why you now have ambivalent and contradictory feelings of need and denial when commitment is expected. There may even be feelings of guilt and non-acceptance of your emotions. A withdrawal from relationship commitment could stem from a similar withdrawal of a parent from you during childhood. You may now unconsciously seek to punish a parent by rejecting others who try to get close to you. Choice of partner is extremely important, and the key to relationship success; but the art of choosing a suitable partner depends on self-knowledge, so that both are complementary and in essential harmony with each other. Your early choices are likely to be unwise; and any early partnership will probably run into troubled waters due to your inner confusions and unresolved issues. New perspectives on yourself and your needs may be achieved through a transformative period of relative isolation from relationships, allowing a pause to dissolve patterns through greater understanding; this can enable insight, emotional maturity, and greater independence. Personal therapy or relationship counseling could be important to progress in future partnerships. The main obstacle to relationship success and sustaining a love affair





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