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Difficulty Asserting Yourself
Saturn Opposition Ascendant

Saturn Aspects

Saturn rules our conditioning or the way we were taught and brought up in the world. It is associated with restriction and limitation but with this it brings structure and meaning to the world and our lives. It reminds us of our boundaries, responsibilities and commitments. It is often associated with a father or authority figures. Saturns lessons actually help us to grow. In you chart the position of Saturn reveals you limitations, fears and sense of responsibility.

Saturn Opposition Ascendant

The opposition between your Ascendant and Saturn affects the way you approach relationships and other people in general. There may be a deep sense of insecurity about the way other people perceive you, so you prefer to let other people come to you rather than going to them, as you can general fear rejection or other people’s reactions. This affects the way people perceive you and your personality, which can inhibit your relationships. You tend to be quite reserved and cautious in your approach with others and tend to not show your emotions unless you are very close. This causes you to not develop your intimate relationships until later on in your life, most likely after your Saturn Return.
You may feel like you need others to approve the way you do things or feel like the way other people do things is better or more important. This is the area of life where you are required to develop self-mastery and maturity but the thought of opening up and being vulnerable to someone else can be a frightening prospect. You may be drawn to those who display typical Saturnian traits such as business or someone who is solid and dependable; It can be helpful to look back at your own parent's relationship to see how this may have impacted upon you. Because you may fewer partners taken or fewer opportunities for love to blossom but when the connection is there, you pay it the serious attention it deserves. You are more realistic, so you are less inclined to be swept away by big promises and fairy tale romances but as a result, your partner has the benefit of the real you. This placement can generate a fear that you just aren't lovable enough or good enough to be with someone else resulting in loneliness and isolation. Issues around partners and even open enemies may test your limits.
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