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Sun Opposition Jupiter

Sun Aspects

The sun represents our vitality and our conscious ego, the self and its expression. It establishes our will to live and our creative force. It is associated with spontaneity and health. A well aspected Sun will describe a person who has heart, who cares for others both in general, and at the personal level. A poorly aspected Sun will describe a person who either has much more difficulty accessing this love and caring ability. In your chart the position of the sign represents your life purpose and style in which your make your mark in the world.

Sun Opposition Jupiter

With Sun Opposition to Jupiter you can be restless, blindly optimistic, egotistical, extravagant and pretentious. Avoid get-rich-quick schemes and religious cults since your judgment may be impaired.
You often try to force your religious and/or philosophical views on others, making them angry. You love to take risks and tend to over-indulge, both of which can lead to health problems especially with your liver. You often make unrealistic and impractical demands on others while, at the same time, promising more than you can deliver. This makes you appear unreliable and undependable. You must learn to get your priorities straight and then you can accomplish anything you set out to do.

Useful Sun Opposition Jupiter Crystals