• Underhanded Tactics

Jupiter Square Pluto

Jupiter Aspects

Jupiter represents expansion, luck, optimism, religion, and higher education. Strong aspects between your Jupiter and your partner's planets and/or points favor generosity, good will, and fun in your relationship!

Jupiter Square Pluto

This is not a good combination for mutual involvement in occult, mystical or financial affairs. The first person may resent the tendency of the second person to use what they consider unethical coercive tactics or their effects at reforming them. The second person could resent the attempts of the first person at indoctrination in the first person own brand of religious ethics. There will be differences of opinion in the handling of finances, resources, education and there can be conflict over inheritance. If you have occult tendencies, you can be involved in dangerous or questionable practices. Mutual travel could be dangerous.

Useful Jupiter Square Pluto Crystals