• Intense Bond

Mars Trine Pluto

Mars Aspects

Mars shows what a woman is attracted to in a man. Being with a man who is strong in her Mars element, or who makes close sextiles with her Mars, makes the relationship much easier, and increases sexual desire and compatibility. For a man, his Mars is part of his masculine nature, so it is best when his partner also relates well with this element.

Mars Trine Pluto

There is nothing to hold you back from extremes. Sexual energies between you and your romantic partner are very intense, very absorbing. Whatever you two do, you do with everything youve got. You both have the individual assertiveness, desire, willingness to be inspired by challenges and overcome opposition, you could accomplish even more together. When the first persons Mars is trine the second persons Pluto, you naturally have a source of regenerative energies which create and sustain a intensely possessive sexual union. Power plays come easily and both of you enjoy driving.

Useful Mars Trine Pluto Crystals