Psyche Square Sun ~ Synastry Aspects

Psyche Square Sun ~ Synastry Aspects

"I am capable of embracing my individual expression while fostering a beautiful connection with others."

Psyche Square Sun Opportunities

Embracing personal growth journeys
Honoring individual creative expression

Psyche Square Sun Goals

Respecting each other's process
Embracing individuality and expression

Psyche Square Sun Meaning

Psyche is where the soul is found in a chart. Psyche in mythology is connected to beauty that comes from being a Divine human as well as support from the spiritual, elemental and natural worlds. The sun and Psyche coming together creates a very soul-infused person, experience/time or relationship, where the higher self is quite a bit more in reach. There is a component of divine femininity, love and a baseline respect of all life in the heart of Psyche-Sun aspects. Creativity as well as original inspiration can sometimes be traced back to these two energies.

Though both parties in this connection are likely creative and brimming with ideas, it may become clear at some point that perhaps you need different things. Awareness of your different needs can actually foster connection… it just may be easier to do your work separately and then come together to chat about it.

Giving space seems to be the remedy that allows both parties to really feel their own individual expression within this relationship. There can be such a beautiful meeting of the minds, hearts and souls as long as you’re both willing to let each other do things in your own way.

This may be an aspect that’s a bit more noticeable within the context of a friendship and it should become clear in the beginning that you can’t control the other's process or development. In a working relationship, with other strong aspects, this can be good for peers who don’t work too closely together.

Psyche Square Sun Keywords

personal growth
power struggles
inner tension

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