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Finding Compromise
Sun Inconjunct Sun

Sun Aspects

The Sun is the source of all energies. These energies stimulate the activities of the houses occupied by the transiting Sun and reinforce or weaken the planetary effects, depending on the Sun's aspect to the natal planet. When the Sun transits an inner planet, it may trigger a dormant aspect between that inner planet and a slower moving outer planet. If a planet is being transited by another planet when it is being transited by the Sun, the effect of the transit is strengthened.

Sun Inconjunct Sun

A Sun inconjunct Sun aspect signals you need to make adjustments if you want this romantic relationship to work out. You do not have a whole lot in common, the same differences that caught your attention in the Sun place are likely to become minor annoyances working their way up toward major frustrations over time. You are both looking for love, not the same kind, not the same way. If one likes it loud, the other prefers it muted. You both want something else out of life.
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