King of Pentacles ~ Tarot Court Cards

King of Pentacles ~ Tarot Court Cards

Success in business
Sticking to principles
Avoiding materialism
Being more selfless

Tarot Court Cards

Court cards indeed have a strong personal touch. Unlike the numbered cards who show the elements against the background of the 10 Sephiroth and are more likely defining various steps of a process, the Court Cards reflect personal human attributes within the elements, and the elements within the elements.

So a more frequently appearing of court cards within a reading implies that personal feelings and emotions are more important than various steps of an ongoing process, wether for the person who is asking or for the cards that are answering. The differentiation between a personal feeling and a step of a process is very important in reading the cards.

King of Pentacles

“Family is everything for you. You ensure to create a flourishing and well-lit kingdom for them to encourage them to grow and prosper more.“

It is the card of high ambitions, worldly satisfaction, and success. The king is sitting on his throne adorned with bull carvings. The bulls associate The King of Pentacles to the zodiac sign Taurus and the grapes vines on his dress and spread in front of him symbolize the abundance of worldly wealth. The flowers, vines, and plants reflect his success and dominance. He holds a specter of power in his right hand, and the left rests on a pentacle. His posture shows his ability to sustain his wealth and authority through self-discipline, self-control, and unrivaled leadership qualities. The buildings standing in his background are proof of his determination and efforts.

The draw of the King of Pentacles indicates that just like a king, you are the provider and protector of your family. You make sure that your people are prosperous and ambitious to grow more and realize their dreams. It reminds you to stay organized, disciplined and controlled to lead by example. People expect you to be wise and rational. Do not pass any judgment carelessly. Your one wrong move can turn your biggest supporter against you.

You have attained stability and security both in terms of health and finances. Now it is your moment to enjoy your achievements and direct others to the path of glory. You have translated your vision into reality. Now you do not have to struggle like Page or Knight to prove your worth to others. People are well-aware of your capability to lead them towards success without succumbing to risks.

Reversed King of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning :

The reversed King of Pentacles reminds you to reevaluate your relationship with money and wealth. You are earning well, but it isn't easy to make both ends meet because of your poor planning. Your greed to earn more and more is making you neglect your relationships and health. You might be ready to do anything to earn few extra bucks. You need to change yourself before you stuck in a rut. Free yourself from the shackles of greed and focus on realigning yourself with your higher self.

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