5 of Pentacles

Navigating isolation
Overcoming adversity
Forgiving others
Paying off debts

Tarot Minor Arcana

The Minor Arcana cards contain answers to questions from everyday life, thus complementing to the aspects of the main Tarot cards. There are 56 cards in the Minor Arcana, divided into 4 Suits times 14 Cards. Each suit is represented by a symbol, Pentacle, Wand, Cup, or Sword. There is a one-to-one correspondence between these symbols and the four elements of the esoteric science: earth, water, air, and fire.

5 of Pentacles

“You might be feeling left out and rejected at this moment. Remember, nothing lasts forever. You have got support and kindness of cosmos with you.“

The Five of Pentacles denotes hardships, adversity, and negative life changes. Under a crystalline night sky, two persons huddle together through the icy wind and snow in search of comfort against extreme winter weather. The stick in the hand of one of them is symbolic of crutches and hints upon his injured state. The other is wearing torn jeans. Their appearance speaks of their poverty and helplessness. The door and wall with five pentacles suggest a church of some kind. It indicates hope, spiritual guidance, and warmth.

When this card shows up in your draw, it denotes troubles and insecurity in life. It is the card of loneliness, financial crisis, and loss. You might have to face severe financial issues in the near future. You might lose something significant or face sudden health issues. The card symbolizes old debts, and crutches symbolize curses or ill-fate that you can not shake off quickly.

Just like figures of the card, you might feel lost or alone in this material world that measures man's credibility through his social status. Being focused on your plight, you might fail to see the ray of hope in your life or ignore the signals of your spirit guides. Remember, everything is temporary in life, and the hard times too shall pass.

The Five of Pentacles also hints at a lack mindset that deprives you of identifying opportunities and sabotages your ability to create abundance in life. You only focus on what you do not have instead of appreciating and enjoying what you have. It also urges you to shift your energy towards positivity in life and redirect your attention towards now. Instead of wasting yourself complaining about your circumstances, manifest your powers to create the best for you.

Reversed 5 of Pentacles Meaning :

When this card appears reversed in your reading, it brings the good news of the end of all the hardships, paying off old debts, and finding new income resources. The reversed Five of Pentacles implies that it is the time to regain your confidence. Your fixation on accumulating material wealth has only caused failures and pain for you. Trust the cosmos and invest in spiritual development to grow more in life.