Knight of Swords

Feeling very ambitious
Having super focused attention
Being polite
Being gentle

Tarot Court Cards

Court cards indeed have a strong personal touch. Unlike the numbered cards who show the elements against the background of the 10 Sephiroth and are more likely defining various steps of a process, the Court Cards reflect personal human attributes within the elements, and the elements within the elements.

So a more frequently appearing of court cards within a reading implies that personal feelings and emotions are more important than various steps of an ongoing process, wether for the person who is asking or for the cards that are answering. The differentiation between a personal feeling and a step of a process is very important in reading the cards.

Knight of Swords

“Change is hard to accept, but it takes you to use your full potential and reap the fruit of your labor.“

The Knight riding his white horse with a sword in his hand reflects ambition, courage, and dedication to his purpose. The white horse symbolizes the purity of his intellectual energy that motivates him to deliver beyond expectations. The grey clouds and bending trees signify a storm. However, nothing can stop the Knight from reaching his destination. He is ready to move forward at all costs.

The appearance of this card suggests a change in your life. If you have been thinking about changing your career or taking the next step in your relationship, the shift is right on the horizon for you. You have to press forward without any fears. If you want to achieve your desired outcome, you must face your fears and display your bravery and mental strength.

Do not feel scared of the timely loss. You are destined to rise and shine. Seize the opportunities eluded by your peers because they think them hard to turn to for their advantage. Make your partner go with you to enjoy this rollercoaster of change and transformation. Together you two can turn adversaries into blessings.

The Knight of swords card also brings happy news of the end of procrastination and a positive change in your vigor and strength. Meditate and exercise regularly to combat ailments and stay physically and mentally fit. Indulge in healthy conversation with like-minded people to find the right amount of motivation to move up the ladder of success.

Reversed Knight of Swords Meaning :

The reversed Knight of swords suggests that you are unable to utilize your mental and physical energy. Something is holding you back from delivering. Perhaps you lack courage or resources. Instead of depending upon others, lookout for ways to release your energy before it bursts out. It also suggests that you have scattered thoughts and ideas.

You are struggling with your decisions, and seeing your ideas fail makes you feel agonized and frustrated. Remember, success does not come overnight. You have to strive hard for it and use your full potential to earn it. Failure is a part of life. Do not let it crush your ambitions. Use it as a stepping stone to your success.