10 of Swords

Finding healing
Regenerating yourself
Feeling like a failure
Overcoming pain

Tarot Minor Arcana

The Minor Arcana cards contain answers to questions from everyday life, thus complementing to the aspects of the main Tarot cards. There are 56 cards in the Minor Arcana, divided into 4 Suits times 14 Cards. Each suit is represented by a symbol, Pentacle, Wand, Cup, or Sword. There is a one-to-one correspondence between these symbols and the four elements of the esoteric science: earth, water, air, and fire.

10 of Swords

“Do not use your authority to ruin others. Use your power to heal and comfort others.“

This striking card shows the image of a man lying flat on earth with ten swords stabbed in his back. The cape covering his lower body indicates his dignity while leaving this world. The dark sky looks terrifying, but behind the darkness, the rising sun brings the message of hope, rebirth, and opportunity. The stillness of the waters indicates that solace and peace can be found even in the darkest hours.

The vultures hovering over man's body symbolize hope, imagination, and the ability to see the future. It also reflects the theme of death, birth, and renewal. To allow something new in life, you have to get rid of the old and make room for the new. The ten of swords card hints upon an inevitable ending.

Your years' long relationship or the most loved job may come to an abrupt end. You may not be expecting it in any way, but there is no way than to accept the reality. The card also suggests that you are drenched in the agony of your pain because someone you trusted the most has backstabbed you. Take it positively to move ahead in life with a firm decision not to trust anyone blindly anymore.

The ten of swords is the card of letting go of the past and focusing on your present. Allow the change to occur instead of fighting it. Do not misuse your authority. If someone has betrayed you, you should not take revenge on others. Moving on is not easy, but it is also not impossible. Pick yourself up. Learn from your failure and draw a message of hope and wisdom from your defeat.

Reversed 10 of Swords Meaning :

When this card appears reversed, it asks you to reevaluate your decisions thoroughly before making any commitments. If you see everything in the light of the past, you won't heal and draw a sense of renewal for you. In upside-down positions, the swords will fall from the body and give the chance to live a new life.