Knight of Wands

Being passionate & energetic
Being adventurous
Being less arrogant
Dealing with frustration

Tarot Court Cards

Court cards indeed have a strong personal touch. Unlike the numbered cards who show the elements against the background of the 10 Sephiroth and are more likely defining various steps of a process, the Court Cards reflect personal human attributes within the elements, and the elements within the elements.

So a more frequently appearing of court cards within a reading implies that personal feelings and emotions are more important than various steps of an ongoing process, wether for the person who is asking or for the cards that are answering. The differentiation between a personal feeling and a step of a process is very important in reading the cards.

Knight of Wands

“Your inner wisdom & light illuminates your path. Above every other thing, trust yourself.“

The Knight riding his horse with a blazing wand represents a fire-starter's energy and a quickly provoked individual who acts first and then thinks.  The draw of this card reveals that everything is in your favor right now regardless of your bossy and a little diplomatic nature. Things are happening as you have expected, and you are ready to yield the fruit of your hard labor. Your energy, enthusiasm, and confidence are at their peak because you know your actions, ideas, and plans are well executed. Perhaps you are ready to take charge of your life in your own hands and to free yourself from the chains of dependence.

The lizards on the cape of Knight represent fire and heat. It signifies the importance of ambition and vision amidst an action. It is the perfect time to initiate your dream project and witness the grand success that you have always desired for yourself. An individual like you who is fearless & full of vitality can balance personal & professional life with realistic and well-rounded views. You acknowledge your responsibility. But beware of your every move. Haste only makes waste. You are all set to embrace challenges and take risks in life to chase your dreams at this moment. You do not care what people think about you or whether they will accept your uniqueness or not. You are not afraid of rejections right now.

The draw of this enthusiastic card also indicates a blooming love life for you. Your partner indeed loves your charming & passionate nature. Love is going to be an exciting, erratic, and adventurous ride for you. But it would help if you work on your impulsive and volatile temperament to make your partner comfortable in your company.

It is high time for your career. Grab the opportunities and turn them into competitive advantages with your analytical approach and business acumen. Knight of wands supports travel and indicates growth and development in your career & financial life. It is time to think about the future.

Reversed Knight of Wands Meaning :

The reversed Knight of wands reveals delays and frustrations in every area of life. It indicates that time is not favoring you, and your every move is going against your plans. You might feel you are losing power and authority, making you feel low and deprived. Give others a fair chance to shape their opinions because listening to others will allow you to think from a new perspective. Time, skills, and resources everything is available. You just need to be a little flexible in your behavior to witness the surprising results of your efforts.