Page of Wands

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Tarot Court Cards

Court cards indeed have a strong personal touch. Unlike the numbered cards who show the elements against the background of the 10 Sephiroth and are more likely defining various steps of a process, the Court Cards reflect personal human attributes within the elements, and the elements within the elements.

So a more frequently appearing of court cards within a reading implies that personal feelings and emotions are more important than various steps of an ongoing process, wether for the person who is asking or for the cards that are answering. The differentiation between a personal feeling and a step of a process is very important in reading the cards.

Page of Wands

“She was free in her wildness. She was a wanderess, a drop of free water. She belonged to no man and to no city.”

The page of wands allows you to give anything and everything a try. You might not have any idea about your future or where you are meant to be. However, this card allows you to explore all that is around you to find your true purpose. While it is daunting to try something new, know that your future is full of possibilities. Instead of worrying about your failures, rejoice at the prospect of succeeding and discovering something you love.

The princess, blazing wand, and fiery rings represent a unique individual who is revolutionary and non-conformist by nature. You are an innovator and inventor who thinks less about others' approval or affirmations for your actions. You might be a mischief-maker and love your freedom more than anything in life. You are never afraid of your public image and prefer to do things that make you happy.

The snake symbolizes sex, temptation, and choices in life. You know the story of the snake, Adam, and Eve and how the snake tempted Eve. The snake represents earthly pleasures, money, beauty, and an initial spark to rush into action without thinking much about its consequences.

Page of wands can also depict the creative restlessness you are facing. It is ok to feel confused sometimes. But it is not a good idea to abandon your ship without trying out your luck. Sit down, relax, and plan to pen down ideas that come to your mind. You have the creative spark needed to bring something incredible to the surface. You need to figure out what it is before you start this new chapter of your life.

Reversed Page of Wands Meaning :

In reverse, the page of wands signifies the brewing of your creative instincts. There is something that you are fixed on, but you are unable to proceed further. It is time to seek the help of your loved ones, discuss your dilemmas, and ask for their support so you can move towards a decision. While they can help clear your mind, you have to make the final decision. Keep thinking until the idea blooms and gives you a chance to experience something beautiful.

Page of wands can also reveal your past attempts and how you are hesitant to start something new. Failure is not the end, as it gives you a chance to learn from your mistakes and build upon your successes to achieve your goals. The card's appearance tells that the universe wants you to reconnect with your original idea, identify your mistakes, and try again. Remember, this time, you have the knowledge that your past self did not. Use this knowledge wisely to realize your goals.