• Tarot Minor Arcana

7 of Wands

This card teaches not only the value of courage, but the value of fear in your everday life. The Seven of Wands in the Rider-Waite variants is shown as a battle, but not one like the Five of Wands where there is no strategy and no cohesion. On the Seven, one man stands tall against all comers, and he will defend his ground until the end. Surely he must be somewhat afraid in the face of six armed foes - any of us would be. But the remarkable thing about the Seven of Wands is that it gives you the power to feel your fear, use your fear and thereby conquer your fear.

The appearance of the Seven of Wands can often be a reminder that you must stand up for yourself and for what you believe in. At times like this it is important to know exactly where you stand, or else you might end up fighting against yourself! So, before you charge off to battle, take a moment to see exactly what it is you are fighting for. The hill is not only a defensive position but a good survey ledge too. If you see that the cause is worthy and your position is stable, proceed with confidence. If you think fighting is not needed, then don't fight, for he who knows when not to fight is often he who will be victorious.

Like the figure on the card, the Seven of Wands often shows that you hold the moral "high ground" and your arguments are the right one, despite the sheer numbers of people who try to convince you otherwise. Though the odds may seem insurmountable, recall that the advantage always goes to the defender who knows his position better than the enemy does. Hold your ground, because victory will be yours eventually. Inner courage is a force far stronger than physical strength, and a determined combatant can often withstand the attacks of others as long as he needs to.